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Adapters, Cone with stem to Rubber Tubing, Right angle connection.

Cat. No. Cone
LGW 33/1 B14
LGW 33/2 B19
LGW 33/3 B24

Adapters, Socket to Rubber Tubing, Straight Connection.

Cat. No. Cone
LGW 34/1 B19
LGW 34/2 B24

Adapters, Socket to Cone with Tee Connection.

Cat. No. Socket Cone
LGW 35/1 B14 B14
LGW 35/2 B14 B19
LGW 35/3 B14 B24
LGW 35/4 B19 B19
LGW 35/5 B19 B24
LGW 35/6 B19 B34
LGW 35/7 B24 B24
LGW 35/8 B24 B34
LGW 35/9 B34 B34

U Tube, with two sockets

Cat. No. Socket
LGW 36/1 B14
LGW 36/2 B19